Airtel Cheat settings on 24Clan VPN Lite

     If you’re done with enjoying the free 1GB data you got from Airtel app and the free 3GB data you got from Airtel TV app, you might want to take a look at the Airtel cheat settings on 24Clan VPN Lite.
     Why 24Clan VPN Lite you may ask? The reason why we would recommend 24Clan VPN Lite to each and every one of you is that it is easy to set up and the tendency for the cheat to get blocked is minimal simply because the host used for the browsing cheat is hidden from the network provider to know about.
The Airtel cheat is similar to 9mobile cheat but seems more expensive than that of 9mobile. 
     Unlike 9mobile, you can only enjoy 600MB data for N300 even as we know that we can still get 1GB for N200 on Airtel, eligibility issues would prompt us to look at this particular tweak.
Requirements for the Airtel Social Bundle Cheat
  •  An Android device
  •  EC Tunnel VPN – Download here (3.8 MB)
  •  An Airtel SIM card with an active social bundle data plan
  •  At least N300 airtime on your SIM card 
     Airtel social bundle cheat settings on 24Clan VPN Lite
  Subscribe to Airtel social bundle by dialling *141#, reply with 4 > 1 then subscribe for the 1-month plan that costs N300.
  Launch 24Clan VPN Lite
  Select Airtel Social Bundle under Tweaks. Airtel social bundle cheat settings on 24Clan VPN Lite
  After doing so, tap connect and wait for some seconds, when it finally connects, 
  Minimize the app and start using your data on all apps.
    Unfortunately for you, you can only enjoy up to 600MB per subscription made yet you are fortunate enough to enjoy the ever – fast VPN server and no config file needed. That’s all you need to know about the Airtel social bundle cheat settings vial EC Tunnel VPN.
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