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How to Auto-Update Unofficial Android Apks

Can I Auto-Update unofficial android apks that were not downloaded from the Google Play store? Of course, but from unofficial websites installed on the phone via the apk file of the application.

Android is one of the most used and perhaps the most customizable mobile operating systems in the world.

As everyone knows, the applications installed by the official Google store have the advantage and convenience of automatic updates.

The fact is that if you have used other unofficial websites to download the apks of your favorite apps on your smartphone, then you will have to waste some time searching for new versions of the apps and updating them manually.

Below you will find a guide to illustrate all the steps to have automatically updated applications that do not come from the official Google store. Because it’s not always mandatory to use it to install your apps.

Auto-Update Unofficial Android Apks not Downloaded from Google Play Store

We are talking about all those applications downloaded in apk, which then installed by hand on the phone, not before having activated in the options the installation of apps from unknown sources on Android.

Auto-Update unofficial android apks

Updating them all can become a real problem, or at least very inconvenient if you have enough apps installed this way. Fortunately, there is another system that allow you to auto-Update unofficial android apks with no stress.

Auto-Update unofficial android apks

An unofficial app called APKUpdater from XDA user rumboalla is the remedy. With this, you won’t have to keep searching for the latest versions manually.

This free application searches the internet through a series of sources, the latest versions (or at least some newer ones) of the applications you have installed outside of the google store and will plan for automatic updating.

Obviously, it also has some additional features, in fact, APKUpdater allows you to mark some apps so that they don’t update themselves.

Thanks to its whitelist you can select those you don’t want to update, such as those from mysterious sources, or that have functions that the self-updated versions would no longer do.

Obviously, it’s a much more convenient way to update unofficial applications. If you add a root or a custom ROM, you can get the most with this app.

Who knows, maybe what you’re looking for is to become completely independent from the Play Store. Do you install lots of apps outside Google Play? Let us know if this tool is useful for you down in the comments!

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