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How to Create your Own Animated Videos Introducing Plotagon Story | Full Guide

   Animation is a form of representing real life phenomenon into 3D forms. You can use animation to create animated videos like comedy skits, advertisements, etc. All the cartoons we watch e.g Tom and Jerry are animated. They are characters created and projected on TV.

  Before we move on, let’s have a look at the requirements

Requirements for Creating Animated Videos

1. Plotagon story:- This is the main app that’ll be used for creating animated videos.

2. Youcut:- This will be used for editing your animated videos and removing watermarks.

3. Vidcompact:- This will be used for compressing your animated videos into a smaller size for easier downloading.    

Steps to Create Animated Videos via Plotagon Story

  •  After a successful in app registration on Plotagon Story, proceed to creating a character.
  • When you look at the image closely, beneath it, you will see three icons.   1. Video camera icon   2. Human head icon   3. Basket icon

The video camera icon is where you create your videos. It contains different effects in your video work station. In the basket icon, there are some things that are restricted such as some type of clothes, environment, voices, shoes. You can use the basket icon to purchase those things, they are not expensive.

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 Different Icons in Plotagon Story and their Functions

1. Head icon:- When you click on it different shapes of head will come out, bald head, fat face, different types. Just click on the type of face you want and it will automatically apply itself on the characters face.

You can also change the complexion of your character by clicking on the face you want the complexion to be applied, you we see a circle with different complexions, as you click on it, the complexion of your character will change

2. Hair Icon:- That’s where you see different varieties of hair to choose from, you can also change the colour of the hair. Just click on the hair you want and it will apply itself on the image automatically.

3. Beard icon   The beard icon is where you find different beards to apply to your male character. Adding a beard is optional, you can also change the beard colour to any colour of your choice.

4. Eye icon   The eye icon contains a variety of things 

  • Eye colours
  • Eye brow
  • Lips shape and colour

animated videos with plotagon story

When you tap on any of these, it will automatically applies itself on the image

5. Eye glasses   There are varieties of glasses to choose from but some requires premium subscription.

6. Shirt   The shirt icon is where you find different tops, choose the one you want.

Any animation item that has basket attached to it means that you have to pay before using it.

7. Trouser icon   You will find different varieties of trousers, skirts etc. Tap on your preferred choice and it will automatically apply itself on your image.


When you click on “create new”, you will be able to choose if your character should be male or female. Beneath the image you will see the hair icon, head, glasses etc. It is from there that you begin to choose what you want to add to your image  

8. Shoe icon   Use it to select the type of shoe you want.

9. Voice icon   Currently only one voice type is available, the voice came with the app, but you can record your own voices when creating a video.  

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