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How To Earn Money By Reviewing Websites And Apps

Earn Money by Reviewing Websites And Apps

Do you know you can earn money by reviewing websites and apps? Get paid $10 for every 20-minute video you create reviewing apps and websites. The digital space is hypercompetitive and designers and developers pay good money to get genuine human feedback of their work.

They want to know if the website or app has a good design and intuitive workflow. They use this data to identify areas for improvement.

How To Earn Money by Reviewing Websites And Apps

To earn money by reviewing websites and apps, start by signing-up and submitting a short sample video to get qualified. You need a PC or Mac to review websites and an Android or iPhone to review apps. You will also need to install software provided by UserTesting to enable you to record the screen.

There are specific tasks that need to be done when reviewing apps and websites such as searching for a specific product or trying out the check out process.

It can also be open-ended tasks such as spend 5 minutes with the website. Once the task is completed, there are questions to evaluate the experience.

Job Availability

All Countries

Mode of Payment


How to do it right

  • Proficiency in the English language is a necessity.
  • Sign language aren’t accepted. You need to clearly state what you feel while doing the review.
  • A good quality microphone is needed to record audio clearly.

Clients may reject a review if they feel there is no substance. Be patient and continue practicing, you’ll get the hang of it.

Ratings will determine how many jobs land on the dashboard. Lower ratings mean fewer jobs, fewer jobs mean lower earnings, lower earnings mean a sad life, just kidding.

  • Follow the task being asked. Don’t spend too much time criticizing the design if it is not the main task.
  • Talk constantly, say what’s on your mind. If you find it hard to navigate the site, say it. These are the things that developers want to know.

After qualifying, quickly grab every job opportunity on the dashboard. There are a lot of other testers waiting for available jobs.

  • Stay logged-in to hear a notification if there is an available job.

Sign up on different testing websites (see examples below). This will boost your chances of finding a job.

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