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TechTab dates back to 2019 when it was formerly known as meedyung.com, it has always been about tech for the TechTab and we are currently hiring new writers to give our readers lots of informative articles so if you are passionate about Technology, here is your chance to monetize your passion.


You will be paid N0.3 per word and each article should have a minimum of 300 words and the article. A minimum of 10 articles is required per writer in a span of 30 days. For instance, Writer A writes a total of 10 articles this month with each article consisting of 1000 words, N0.3 * 1000 * 10 = N3000. Which means Writer A will be paid the sum of N3000 and will also get paid for engagements i•e comments + shares, 1000 engagements = N200.


Each writer must possess a PC or Mobile phone, stable internet connection, a deep knowledge on Technology and must be familiar with WordPress.

Terms and Conditions

All articles must be Plagiarism free, payment will not be made for any plagiarized article.

Each article must contain a minimum of 3 images

All articles and Images are fully owned by TechTab and the writer has no right to claim or reuse such articles in future.

Each writer will take credits for his/her posts

Publishing of fake news is prohibited

Each article must contain a minimum of 300 words

Payment will be made on the 30th of every Month via Opay