How To Do Wi-Fi Free Call, No Data Or Airtime Required

How To Do Wi-Fi Free Call, No Data Or Airtime Required

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Good to have you here, We’re back again with an interesting topic. Do you realise that you can call someone for free using Wi-Fi. It utilizes Wi-Fi for connection and there are no data charges included, it doesn’t even require your internet connection to be on.

But before I continue, I noticed we aren’t getting interactive on this blog which isn’t nice, so let’s drop our comments at the end of posts. Let’s not waste much time as there are still lots to read. So let’s go there.


  • All tools app (Download here 5.4MB).
  • Two Android phones for the communication.


1. Download All tools apk here
2. Launch the application, under Wi-Fi utility you see Wi-Fi call.
3. Tap on Wi-Fi call.
Recall we’ll be needing two phones for the call.
4. One of the phone should click on call and the other should click on receive. So When connected, the two phones will start communicating with no internet connection or call charges inclusive.
So thats all peeps💁‍♂️💁‍♀️, let’s me know if you have any complaints or comments in the comment section below.

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