How to get free 150MB or more on MTN from Gidimo app

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   The Glo users have enjoyed enough free data already and it’s high time for the MTN customers to get their own slice of the cake if you ask me.

     If you are currently enjoying the Glo unlimited browsing, good for you. As for the Airtel and 9mobile users, we can’t really say anything about browsing cheat(s), but there are few cheap data plans that you can take a look at. I can easily recommend you check out how you can easily activate the 1GB data plan for N200 on 9mobile SIM  card but the main talk here is how to get free data on MTN.

     There is an app called Gidimo, it shouldn’t be an unknown to few individuals reading this right now. Gidimo is currently gifting at least 150MB data to anyone who downloads and registers on their app. Today, I’m going to show you how to get your own 150MB from Gidimo to your MTN SIM card this time around.

How to get free 150MB on MTN from Gidimo app

  1. Download Gidimo from here
  2. Launch the app, register using the form, Facebook or your Google account.
  3. Verify your email and phone number
  4. Within 5 seconds,, you should see a pop-up menu asking for an MTN phone number to send the 150MB data to, type in your desired MTN phone number and hit send.
  5. Only MTN SIM cards can receive data from Gidimo and do you know that you can get more than that 150MB data? Yes, you can get extra data, you can even get up to 1GB data if you follow the procedure below.

How to get more than 150MB data on an MTN SIM card from Gidimo app

Launch your Gidimo app and on the main page, look at the area where you were told to

Get 400MB when a friend you invited subscribes to gidimo SSP

tap the button on the screen. A list of will pop-up revealing to you means by which you can share your referral link to your friends, use any of the media to share your link.

Now when you finish sharing the link, when someone downloads, registers and subscribes to gidimo SSP using through your referral link, you will receive 400MB which can only be gifted to an MTN SIM card.

     Be fast with getting your own 150MB before they stop giving out the free data or reduce the amount of data that they give out for registering.

    Any data you receive from Gidimo has a validity period of 2 days, to check your data balance, dial ∗131∗4#.

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