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Easy Method on How to Identify A Fake SD card

Some areas in Africa where it’s hard to identify a fake SD card because they are the only one most gadgets sellers would prescribe for you with sugarcoated mouths. It’s shocking when you buy a memory card of 32GB and you eventually met just 128mb space after checking it.

Aside complimenting the space on your telephone, you can in any case use it to exchange and store information by embedding them into the cards and modems among others.

You ought to likewise not overlook that considerable step of the applications you have on your telephone consumes space consistently so there still comes the need to buy the SD card sooner or later.

Memory cards are intriguing advancement. The capacity to store extensive files on such a little object is something that tackles the creative energy.

However, it is important to know that using a fake SD card can be as painful as hell. Maybe, I’m over reacting but can you imagine prolonged transfer of files from your laptop to your memory card (which is in your phone) due to slow write speed? Depending on the size, it may take several hours.

Also, counterfeit micro SD cards have much less actual storage than advertised. For example, a card may have as little as 2GB of actual storage space, but the label on it may read 32GB.

The painful aspect is that your device may also present it as a 32GB card – firmware hacks are a common practice and allow this to occur.

In fact, your device will try to write data to the GB that don’t exist. This will either overwrite existing data or result in an error. In both cases, your data may get corrupted irreversibly. Below are the requirements to identify fake sd card

Requirements to Identify A Fake SD Card

  • An Android phone
  • SD insight apk for Android.
NOTE: The SD Insight app only works for Android version 6.0 and lower, so if you are using android 7.0 or 8.0 then the app will not work for you.

STEPS to Identify A Fake SD Card

  • Insert the Memory Card into your Android phone. Head to the Google Play Store and Search for “SD Insight” and Download the app
  • Head to the Google Play Store and Search for “SD Insight” and Download the app
  • Launch the app and let it gather details about your memory card.
  • After that, the app will display information about your SD card. Information like Manufacturer, Model, Size and Manufactured Date.
identify a fake sd card
Identify A Fake SD Card

How to Identify A Fake SD Card

  • Name shown by the SD Insight app not corresponding with the name on the app.
  • Storage space shown on the SD Insight doesn’t correspond with the one written on the memory card.
From the information gotten through the SD Insight app, you should be able to identify a fake sd card by determining if your memory card is actually original or if it is fake.
Ensure that you buy your SD cards from trusted dealers to enjoy its use.
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