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PUBG Ranks and Points : How to Increase your Rank in PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the best battle royale games out there. PUBG is still an exciting game that breeds competitiveness among its players. The long-anticipated addition of a proper ranked mode to PUBG should increase that competitiveness as more players than ever before attempt to secure a tasty chicken dinner and climb the PUBG ranks.

PUBG Ranks and Their Required Points

Gold 1500-1599

#1 Bronze 

Bronze Rank
Bronze Rank

The Bronze rank is the rank awarded to players after the completion of their first match. It has five tiers from Bronze V – Bronze I. A good percent of the players in this rank, are new and are just starting the game. There is also a huge number of bots present in this rank to give the new players an experience about how the game functions.

#2 Silver

Silver Rank
Silver Rank

This rank comes after Bronze I rank. Just like the Bronze rank, there are five tiers in this rank from Silver V – Silver I. The players can attain this rank after playing a few ranked matches. You can still see some bots present in matches if you’re in Silver Rank.

#3 Gold

Gold Rank
Gold Rank

The next rank on the list is gold, and this rank also consists of 5 tiers that last from Gold V – Gold I. The players in this rank posses decent experience in the game and knowledge about the game’s basics.  

#4 Platinum 

Platinum Rank
PUBG Ranks: Platinum Rank

This is the next rank on the list. It comes after the players cross Gold I. Like other ranks, there are five tiers Platinum V – Platinum I. The players in this rank are quite experienced, and the probability of facing bots in the game is low.

#5 Diamond

Diamond Rank
PUBG Ranks: Diamond Rank

The diamond rank comes when players cross Platinum 1. The rank has five tiers Diamond V – Diamond I. The rank consists of the players who have mastered the basics. The level of gameplay in the rank is gradually better than all the other lower ranks.

#6 Crown

PUBG Ranks: Crown Rank
PUBG Ranks: Crown Rank

This rank arrives after the completion of Diamond I. It has 5 tiers i.e Crown V – Crown I are the tiers of this rank. This rank consists of highly skilled players. This rank is highly competitive, and the players need to practice for reaching the higher ranks. It may take time to progress from this rank as the players are really tough to kill and experienced.

#7 Ace

PUBG Ranks: Ace Rank
PUBG Ranks: Ace Rank

This rank comes after the Crown I. There aren’t five tiers like the other ranks. This rank consists of incredibly skilled players, and the rank consists of players that know how to use their items wisely and are very familiar with most items. The players in this rank have unique skills and are masters of various attributes.  

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#8 Conqueror

PUBG Ranks: Conqueror Rank
PUBG Ranks: Conqueror Rank

This is the supreme rank in PUBG Mobile. The top 500 people from every region are honoured with the conqueror badge. 

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Different types of game modes have different rankings, which means that Rank Points for solo games will be awarded separately than for Duo or Squad games.

When the new season starts, players’ ranks from previous season gets a reset. A part of the last season’s ending RP would be applied to determine the starting rank.

How to Increase your PUBG Ranks

1. Decide which game mode you like the most and concentrate on increasing your PUBG ranks in the preferred game mode

Since the rank displayed against your profile will be your best among all game modes, pick a mode you enjoy the most and watch your rank go up faster. If you’re used to playing different game modes randomly, you’ll see that you play for the entire day but still don’t see your rank increase.

2. It’s more important to survive for longer than it is to rack up kills

Your kill rating and your survival rating are the factors taken into account when you’re given a rank. However, it’s important to know that the kill rating only makes up about 20 per cent of the total points and a major chunk is made up by the the survival rating. So, it’s important to make it to the top 10 survivors even if you have fewer kills. You will score better if you survive to the top 10 and have only 3 kills then you would have if you died 50th and had 15 kills. Basically, play conservative and don’t go for more kills than necessary.

3. Damage is important

Support is an important criteria which is also taken in account when calculating the total survival rating. Most of the players are unaware on how to get a solid support ranking in game. Your support ranking increases proportionally with how much your character has healed in the game. So it is important to make sure you take some damage and heal back to full health frequently as it will help you with a good overall survival rating.

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