How To Know If Someone Unfollows You On Instagram

     This lockdown is a good time to boost your audience on social media but the competition is something out of place as almost everyone is becoming creative this lockdown period, for this reason, we’ve decided to show you how to discover if someone unfollows you on Instagram
     This method I’m going to show you seem to be one of the safest and 100% surest way of knowing when someone unfollows you on IG.
     Moreover, you’ll need to provide minor things, which are;
  •  New/Fake Instagram Account
  • Main/Real Instagram Account.
  • Valid Mail – Click the link in front to generate a temporary mail to use for IG account verification – {
  •  Launch your browser and visit
  •  Now, click “Select Language” and pick “English”
  •  Then, click on login and select your new/fake IG account in the username field,
  •  Now, input the password to the account,
  •  After login in, the site might want to send a confirmation code to your registered mail, simply copy the code and input to proceed.
  • Now, on your dashboard, click on the last  icon; we’ll be dealing with followers on this post alone.
  • Then, input your Main IG account username.
     With this method, you should those you are following and doesn’t reciprocate on your Instagram account without stress.
Remember to always login with the fake IG account you created to prevent your account from been taken down by Instagram.
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