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How to Speed Up Android Phone (Faster than New)

Want to know how to speed up Android Phones? Here is a complete approach for accelerating your lagging Android phone despite low RAM and ROM levels. When there is an urgent situation you require your telephone asap for an operation, handling a sluggish phone is extremely irritating. This may likely slow down your work with your phone because loading the system/third party app slows down and you need more buttons to react to your command.

Most people agree that Phone RAM and Processor are the key reason that slows a smartphone to slide off and to lag, however, have you ever experience an unoptimized and busy 3GB RAM android phone with a good processor that later runs the same speed with optimized 2GB RAM phone with an average processor? It is extremely possible.

how to speed up android phone

If you follow the instructions in this article to optimize your low-end Android phone, you will most likely have an excellent user experience when using your Android phone. Let’s take a quick look at how to fix some of your personal phone activity that causes tripping, lagging, and battery depletion.

how to speed up android phone
how to speed up android phone

Why is my Phone so Slow All of a Sudden? and How to Fix

#1. Receiving OS Update

You might be interested in a newer Android operating system version since it has more intriguing features than your current one. On the new Android 11 operating system, expect a more usable power button menu, dynamic media controls, and a built-in screen recorder feature. Receiving the latest Android operating system may cause your phone to slow down when you download and install the new developer software on your device in order to experience any newly released feature on your Android phone.

Because of the continual advancement of technology, Android now receives software updates on a regular basis, and your low-end Android phone may not be able to handle the new software weight due to a compatibility issue. Although it will function on your phone, there will be some flaws because the upgraded software may not be properly optimized for your Android phone, causing it to slow down and deplete its battery.

how to speed up android phone

How To Solve: It’s great to keep your Android operating system up to date. If your older Android phone’s health is deteriorating as a result of the upgrade, you may try installing the lite version of the software update, also known as Android Go, which is a thin or lightweight operating system created by Google specifically for low-end and older Android devices. This will significantly improve the speed of your phone’s functioning and prevent it from lagging at all times.

how to speed up android phone

how to speed up android phone
how to speed up android phone

#2. App Running In Background

Even while the phone is asleep, your Android phone’s RAM might be used by a handful of apps (system or third-party) operating in the background. When many operations are running in the background, the CPU will work up, causing phone latency and slowing down your operation (overheating & battery drain sometimes).

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As time passes, you’ll need to install and update apps on your Android phone. Many updated Apps are optimized for the latest device with an advanced processor and RAM, which may be buggy for your older Android phone because most of those Apps are programmed to run in the background and some to open on startup, such as your online chatting Apps that automatically update and send you message notifications once your data connection is switched on even if you don’t open the exact application.

The use of a heavy theme, a heavily customized Launcher, and live wallpaper on your Android phone will affect how quickly your process runs.

how to speed up android phone

How To Solve: Always get rid of non-frequently used apps by forcing them to cease running in the background in your phone settings. Go to Settings >> Application on your phone, then choose the app you’re not using very often, touch on it, and select “Force stop.”

how to speed up android phone

Avoid using live wallpaper and a heavy Launcher/Theme for your phone’s home screen; instead, install lite versions of new apps and turn off your phone’s App auto-update settings; you can go to the store and update any app you want whenever you want.

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#3. High Usage Of Phone Storage

High utilization of your phone’s internal storage might cause lagging since it leaves little area for your phone’s operating system and RAM to breathe in order to function correctly as a result of having large files on your device, such as countless movies and heavy games. Because that’s where all App data is intended to be saved, apps establish caches on your phone’s internal storage.

Games, especially online games that require external files and updates to operate properly, maintain caches a number of times.

How To Solve: Your Android phone’s internal storage must be optimized in order for the CPU, RAM, and operating system to function properly. Go to your phone’s settings to see what’s using up the most of your internal storage. Internal storage may be found under Settings >> Storage >> Internal storage.

how to speed up android phone

You can free backup your images and videos to Google Photo or Google Drive, as well as remove third-party apps you don’t use (you can disable it if it’s a system app).

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