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7 Hidden iPhone Features and Settings You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

Well, most iPhone users don’t know the capability of what they hold everyday, some are obsessed with the beauty the camera gives when you take a picture while some just use it for chats and calls without knowing the basic and hidden iPhone features.

Your IPhone has lots of features that are pretty hidden and not always well-documented other than social media, calls and some basic functions a phone is made to do and here are some of the hidden iPhone features I bet you don’t know about. There’ll be a bonus tip somewhere in this article so follow up till the end.

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#1. Quickly scan a QR code

Your Iphone can quickly scan a QR code,to do this just swipe down from the top right of the screen to launch the control center.

This is where a small QR code button is located, tap it and you can quickly scan a QR code.

#2. Track your Locations

iPhone Features

Your iphone has tracked every location you’ve been at since you activated it.

Your iphone can help you remember where you have been at, yeah and this is easy.

To do this, just go to settings, tap on privacy then location services then system services then check the “frequent locations” option.

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#3. Rest Finger to Open

This allows you to simply rest your finger on the home button or touch sensor to unlock your phone instead of having to press the home button a second time to unlock it with the fingerprint sensor.

iPhone Features

To do this, Go to settings, then General, to accessibility to home button and then enable rest finger to open.

#4. Emergency Bypass

This setting is for contacts. When you go to contacts, select a particular contact then edit, you’ll see Emergency Bypass, turn it on. This will allow you to let that particular caller get through even if you have your Do not Disturb on.

#5. Calculator Error Correction

Perhaps you are using the calculator and you type in a bunch of numbers and you make a mistake in a calculation. You don’t have to clear it and restart the whole thing, you can undo a digit by simply swiping left and the last digit you entered will be deleted.

#6. Fake eye contact in facetime

Among all iPhone features, this is the one I love most. This iPhone feature on your iPhone will come in handy whenever you’re on Facetime, it makes it look like you are looking at the camera directly or at the person at the other side of the call.

Iphone Features

To do this, head to Settings> Eye contact, then you enable the toggle so whenever you’re making a FaceTime it fakes an eye contact for you.

#7. Magnifies what the camera see

This is a trick I’m sure most of us know about but there are some who are unaware of this feature. to enable the magnifier go to Settings> Accessibility then tap Magnifier to enable the toggle.

Now you can launch your IOS camera and triple tap the home button to bring up the magnifier option.


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