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How to Mine Cryptocurrency at Home in 2021

Do you know you can mine cryptocurrency at home using your mobile phone? This post will let you know how to mine RENEC coins for free using your mobile phone.

At the time of writing this post, one RENEC coin is worth $0.573179 and it is yet to be listed on the major exchanges. There is a giveaway in this post so read thoroughly

Mine Cryptocurrency at Home

How to Mine RENEC Coin at Home

#1. Go to and click on Login/Register

Mine Cryptocurrency at Home

#2. Click on “Sign in with Email”

#3. Input your Email Address and click “Send link”

A link will be sent to your Email Address, click on the link to verify your Address

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#4. Download the Remitano Mobile app here

#5. Sign in with your Email address

#6. Click on Mining RENEC

#7. Click on mine RENEC and you are good to go

Upgrade your account to increase your mining power

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#8. Your mining will stop after 24 hours and you will need to click on mine RENEC to continue mining

TechTab $20 Giveaway

TechTab will award the first two users to mine 100 RENEC coins $10 each, so you’ll make money and will also mine RENEC without paying a dime

How to Apply

  • Sign up for Remitano using the link above so that TechTab can track your mining progress. Only those whose mining can be tracked are eligible for this giveaway
  • Send a Valid Email and your Remitano Username To TechTab via this link
  • Winners will be announced on our blog and contacted via Email

And read this post again if you have any confusion. Or else shoot your questions in the comment section

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