MTN Free 50MB Daily Browsing Data Still Working With These VPN Apps in 2021

MTN Free 50MB Daily Browsing Data Still Working With These VPN Apps in 2021

     MTN Free browsing has not been around since 2019 till date and most people have forgotten about it.
    The one that has been available for about two years now is MTN free 50mb browsing cheat on various VPN apps like HTTP injector, tweakware, Stark VPN, Spark VPN and others. This 50mb daily cheat is a fallout of the 1GB to 2GB mtn data cheat that was blocked around December 2018, giving just 50mb or less since that time up until now.


     50Mb data is not much but considering the fact that when you stack up 50MB daily for a whole month (30 days), you would have gotten 1.5GB. This is a lifeline not for many but few who cannot afford to get any data at a given time.

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Unfortunately, one of the recent free browsing app that people use is 24 Clan VPN which happens to have stopped. To continue enjoying free 50mb data daily on MTN, you could use other apps such as;


MTN Free 50MB Daily Using Stark VPN Reloaded


     Stark VPN Reloaded Settings

  •   To use stark VPN Reloaded app, just Download the app from the link above 
  •   Install the stark VPN app and launch it
  •   Choose MTN 50Mb from the tweak drop down menu 
  •   Tap on connect and wait a few seconds while it connect.


    MTN Free 50MB Daily Using Tweakware

     Tweakware is a free cheat app that is associated with free browsing cheat. Today I will be sharing latest tweakware settings for mtn cheat 2021. Just follow the simple instructions given here and you should be connected to the internet in a matter of minutes for free.

MTN Free 50MB Daily



 Requirements For MTN Free 50MB Daily Via Tweakware

  •  Latest tweakware app
  •  MTN SIM
  •  Strong 3g/4g Network 
  •  Android phone.
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     MTN 0.0k Tweakware Settings For MTN Free 50MB Daily

  • Install and open the tweakware app you downloaded above
  • On the app, Tap on Settings
  • Tap on Custom Tweak, then set it using the format below;
Select Connection Mode: HTTP
Server Port: 8080
Host Header:
Header Line Type: singleline ( this is the default so no change needs to be made.
Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080
  • Go back to tweakware homescreen and select any free server
  • Select Custom on the dropdown box below


  • Finally, hit the Connect button
  Wait for some few seconds for the app to connect, afterwards, all you need do is minimize the tweakware app and enjoy mtn free browsing. Remember that this mtn hack is not unlimited. Enjoy!

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