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How to Unlock your IPhone with your Voice

There are loads of iPhone tips and tricks out there that most people are unaware of and I guess this particular one is not an exception.

Using this cool “hack,” you’ll be able to unlock your iPhone with your voice by sending a simple voice command to Siri.

This trick takes less than 1 minute to configure, and anyone can do it regardless of skill level

Note:- No Jail breaking required

There’s a very good chance that there are at least a few things about Iphones that you were unaware of. But even if you’re the savviest iPhone user out there and you already knew about all those tricks, this latest iPhone “hack” is almost certainly new to you.

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We will be taking advantage of Apple’s extensive accessibility features to create a voice command that will unlock your iPhone. It’s debatable whether or not one can actually call it a “hack,” but there’s no question that it’s a cool and creative way to use the iPhone’s voice control feature in a way most people out there would never think of.

Unlock your IPhone with your Voice
Unlock your IPhone with your Voice

Steps to Unlock your IPhone with your Voice

#Step 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone

#Step 2. Tap on Accessibility

#Step 3. Scroll down and select Voice Control

Unlock your IPhone with your Voice

#Step 4. Choose Customize Commands and tap Create New Command

#Step 5. Give the new command any name you want and tap Action

#Step 6. Select Run Custom Gesture, and this is where the only tricky part comes in. On the next screen, you’ll have to tap out the PIN code you use to unlock your iPhone, only the numbers won’t be on the screen. Most people have likely tapped out their PIN enough times that they’ll be able to pull it off after just a few tries.

Once you’ve saved the new gesture, you’re ready to try out this cool iPhone hack. Lock your phone and give Siri whatever voice command you configured.

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