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How to Use New Siri Voices in iOS 14.5 on iPhone and iPad

With the release of iOS 14 last year, Apple brought some significant improvements for Siri. Whether it’s the all-new compact UI or the more natural sound, Apple’s virtual assistant has gotten way better. Speaking of that, You can now use new Siri voices in iOS 14.5 (currently available in beta) to give you a little more variety.

Not just that, Apple will now also let you chose a Siri voice at set up to eliminate default bias. So if you have installed the latest iOS 14.5 beta version, here is how you can find and use new Siri voices in iOS 14.5 on iPhone and iPad.

Use New Siri Voices in iOS 14.5 on iPhone and iPad

Bear in mind that the newly added Siri voices are currently available only for English, though there is no clarity as to when these two new voices will be available for other languages, we expect Apple to roll out support for more languages soon. Now, follow the steps below to use any of the two new Siri voices in iOS 14.5 on your device:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
Open settings app on iPhone or iPad

2. Now, scroll down and choose Siri & Search. 

Tap on Siri and Search

3. Next, make sure English (United States) is selected as the preferred language.

Make sure English language is selected

4. Next up, tap on Siri Voice.

Tap on Siri Voice

5. Under the Voice section, you now have four options to choose from:

  • Voice 1: Old male voice
  • Voice 2: New female voice
  • Voice 3: New male voice 
  • Voice 4: Old female voice

Note: The new voice options are only available for American English. They don’t work with the other variety of languages, including Nigerian English, British English, and more.

6. After you have selected the desired Siri voice, iOS will start downloading it. So, you will need to wait until the download completes. Once that’s done, quit the settings. You can now start using the new Siri voice on your iOS or iPadOS device.

download and use new Siri Voices on iOS and iPadOS

Additional Points to Note

  • Needless to say but worth pointing out, whenever you choose a Siri voice on your iPhone, your paired Apple Watch will automatically use the same voice.
  • You can also use the new Siri voice on your HomePod provided you have access to the latest HomePod software beta. To get it done, head over to the Home app on your iPhone/ iPad running iOS 14.5/ iPadOS 14.5, and touch and hold the HomePod icon -> HomePod Settings. Now, ensure that the English language is selected. After that, tap on Siri Voice and then choose the preferred Siri voice.

Download and Use New Siri Voices on iOS and iPadOS Devices

What’s your take on the latest Siri voices? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.

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