Are you passionate about Android, IOS, Windows, Blogging and technology? Do you follow leading tech blogs trying to keep up with all major technological developments?

Are you a fan of writing and you’d like to join the TechTab team? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then we may have a job for you. We are looking for writers to work with on TechTab – Nigeria’s leading technology site.

The world that revolves around our site is in continuous growth and expansion, therefore, we are hunting for new authors and publishers who are willing to become members of our team.

Joining the TechTab team is easy, just send your application using the email at the end of the page. The requirements are mainly two which are:-

Love for technology and Written and fluent English.


Must posses intense knowledge of gadgets and technology. If you call Galaxy note 4 an iPad or Apple means only fruit to you, please don’t apply.

Previous writing experience, be it in a magazine, newspaper, blog or any other programs dealing with gadgets or technology

Ability to churn out interesting and intelligent articles about breaking or latest tech developments in minutes

Ability to learn about new gadgets and new technology trends quickly
Objectivity: This job is not for people who think that anything running Android is perfect. Fanboys & girls should keep off

Ability to Work Alone. This job requires you to be working alone most of the time, probably from your home or wherever you feel comfortable. So the ability to manage your time and delivering X hours of posting per day is crucial

Possession of a PC. You must have a computer. A computer for the purpose of this job is any device with at least a 10-inch screen, a physical QWERTY keyboard, and at least one full-size USB portPossession of a PC.

You must have a computer. A computer for the purpose of this job is any device with at least a 10-inch screen, a physical QWERTY keyboard, and at least one full-size USB port


Articles to be submitted must be plagiarism free and must be of high quality.

In the case that an article was approved and published but was later discovered to be plagiarized. It would be removed immediately, and the writer will not get paid for it.

Ensure grammatical flaws are reduced to the barest minimum; an article submitted for approval but with too much grammatical errors would be left unattended to or even trashed.

Must be able to make a compelling description of the article in Rank Math SEO.

You must be able to choose the best keyword and tags that suite your article.

You must have a minimum of at least 2 high-quality images (minimum of 600 x 400px) in your article, if the image does not belong to you, it must be credited appropriately.

The best category must be selected for each article.
Articles containing affiliate links would be rejected. Link selling, link stuffing is prohibited.

Any link linking to your site and deemed not useful would be removed.

Do not spam your article with too many external links.

Once your article is approved and published here, it automatically becomes the property of TechTab and may not appear anywhere else.

The article must be a minimum of 500 words, except for news article that has a minimum of 300 words.
We will contact you once we have published your first article. Please bear in mind that this may take some time while it passes through our article quality system.

If you think you have all the required requirements, you have the desire to test yourself and you like the idea of being part of the TechTab team, contact us by simply using the email that you find at the end of this article.

What is the collaboration?

The collaboration that we propose is to write articles, guides, reviews, and editorials related to the world of technology.

We will give you some general guidelines regarding the issues to be treated and the rest is up to you.

The reason is because we believe that people do their best when they do what they like best and for this reason, we want to give you the maximum freedom.

This is a full-time position, so don’t apply if you do not have the time.

Your job will initially involve spotting emerging local and international tech stories and writing coherent news articles about them. However, if you prove yourself as valuable, you may also start handling event coverage and reviews with additional earnings.

What you’ll earn from working with TechTab

Since the people we are looking for are more than just authors, we want to offer you in exchange for your precious collaboration ways to benefit from us, and so we have devised 2 packages that you can benefit from when you work with us.

Package 1: Getting paid for your published articles you submit to us. Here, you will not be allowed to insert your Ad banner and links to any affiliate sites.

Package 2: Inserting your ad banner or links to the various affiliate sites. In this way you will have a further incentive to do well: if the article will be read by many people and clicks on your banner will increase your earnings significantly.

You can also take advantage of the classic 300 x 250 banners or other advert banners that is not too big, any affiliations with Amazon, Clickbank, and the likes, in order to have all the interest in writing quality articles.

If you think this is you, send in an application with the subject, “Lagos Tech Blogger” or “Los Angeles Tech Blogger” or “Mumbai Tech Blogger” or “Kwara Tech Blogger” or “Kampala Tech Blogger,” depending on where you live to Include a short resume, relevant experience, schooling, and anything else you think will make you attractive to us.

N.B:- No Attachments Please, your application should be typed directly into the email. Applications with attachments will be disqualified. Please apply ASAP. First come, first serve. The Job is limited.